Art of Neighboring Story

A few years ago, twenty-one churches in Arvada, Colorado united to start a neighboring movement in our community. We kept things simple and challenged the people in our congregations to take the next small step with their literal neighbors. The movement has spread, and to date over 1,000 churches are using the Art of Neighboring resources.

September 9th - October 21th

Join the 40 days of neighboring movement.

Feel free to use these as needed.

Cheat Sheet

We’ve learned that there are a few common denominators among the churches that have been successful in creating a culture of neighboring. This “cheat sheet” outlines those best practices and summarizes much of what we have learned.

Block Map

Sheet Map for your congregation to mark down names of neighbors, prayer requests or information that they learn about them.

Small Group Study

We want to encourage you to lean into the repetition and allow the people in your small group to hold you accountable to doing some small things that will make a big difference.


This list of partnering organizations, associations and churches are hope filled to see a city know and love one another as themselves.

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